National Easter Conference (Free) Mar24


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National Easter Conference (Free)

So I was thinking how can we bless the nation at this time when we are all stuck indoors, then it came to me gather a few of your friends online and gift to the nation a national conference that is free for everyone.

So I called a few of my friends and asked them if they would be willing to gift their time and guess what they all said yes. Now this will be an interesting conference because it represents a wide ecclesiology from pentecostal to traditional denominational, from Charismatic to conservative voices, but then I’ve always been inclusive in that way.

Wnat to join in? just send me a friend request. Click on the button for a friend Request and when the feed goes live you will get a notification.

Send friend Request to join in

once you have sent a friend request you will receive live notifications for all the feeds when they go live and you won’t miss any of the program. Share this to¬† everyone you know and lets lift the mood of the nation over Easter.


So that is what we are doing Holy Week, so come on join in

See full conference details at