Free Online Easter Conference

I was thinking how can we bless the nation at this time when we are all stuck indoors, then it came to me gather a few of your friends online and gift to the nation a national conference that is free for everyone.

So I called a few of my friends and asked them if they would be willing to gift their time and guess what they all said yes. Now this will be an interesting conference because it represents a wide ecclesiology from Pentecostal to traditional denominational, from Charismatic to conservative voices, but then I’ve always been inclusive in that way.

Yinka Oyekan

Sunday 5th

Billy Kennedy  Billy is the President of Churches together in England and the International Leader of Pioneer. Watch

Monday 6th

Gavin Calver  Gavin is the CEO of the Evangelical Alliance UK and a former director of Youth for Christ Watch
Lynne Green  Lynne is the General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain Watch

Tuesday 7th

Michael Maiden    Michael is the President of Church on the Rock International and the Senior Pastor Church for the Nations in Phoenix, Arizona Watch
Andrew Owen    Andrew is the senior leader of the Destiny Ministries network and is based in Glasgow Watch

Wednesday 8th

Paul Harcourt  Paul is the National Leader of New Wine England and the vicar of St All Saints Woodford Wells Watch
Bill Johnson  Bill is the senior pastor of Bethel Church, Redding USA Watch

Thursday 9th

Andy Glover  Andy is the leader of the Fresh Streams Baptist network Watch
Martin Dunkley  Martin is the leader of the Taking Ground sphere of Salt & Light Ministries, a former doctor and the senior pastor of Tees Valley Community Church Watch
Jennifer Eivaz  Jennifer is the executive pastor at Harvest Church, Turlock California and an international conference speaker with a heart to equip the church in the supernatural and for raising up passionate and effective prayer. Watch

Friday 10th

Steve Thomas  Steve is the international leader of Salt & Light Ministries Watch
Neil Townsend  Neil is the senior leader of Open Gate Churches in the Salt & Light network and part of the national Turning team Watch
Yinka Oyekan  Yinka is the founder of The Turning, and the senior pastor of The Gate Church, Reading Watch

Saturday 11th

Gareth Owens  Gareth is part of the leadership team of The Gate, Reading Watch
Alastair Mitchell Baker  Alastair is the moderator of the Baptist Union, and a former NHS senior manager Watch
Betty King  Betty is the leader of Betty King International Ministries (BJIM) and is based in Wembley, London Watch