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A supernatural testimony

picture062The business man and his family who own the rental property we rented for our Holiday in LA. Came to see Fiona and l for prayer for their daughter. it Was an awesome time- I prophesied revelation from three years ago, the husband wept as Jesus just loved them to bits. I knew God had favour for them when they opened up  with these words “the very next day after you said  you would pray a miracle happened We saw a dramatic Change in the eczema on our daughter literally overnight after three weeks of  real difficulty and no change, we were at our wits end” when they said this a powerful prophetic anointing flowed and after they  Said I had Just described their last three years. I then shared the gospel, at this point they both Confessed they had been to Church as youngsters but now wanted to get right  with Jesus and that their mom was an intercessor and held prayer meeting in the  holiday let. And oh yes they have become our fiends. Thank you Jesus and all who prayed